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Happy Bathukamma Images, Quotes, Wishes, Greetings 2017

Happy Bathukamma Images, Wishes, Greetings 2017: is a paragon for cultural diversity in our nation. It is celebrated by Telangana people but still, people from all over India wish them for it. It is celebrated for nine days during Navratri. Loved ones, family members and friends outside Telangana wish people who reside there. Telangana people send greetings to people who are residing outside but still follow the custom. This is the essence of our beautiful country. All the festivals are celebrated together with unity despite our cultural or linguistic differences.

Happy Bathukamma 2017 Images, Songs, Quotes, Wishes, Greetings

Pictures and images are considered to be the most pious form of expression. It imparts your love, feelings, and blessings you want to give to your loved ones and family. That is why happy bathukamma 2017 images, songs, quotes wishes greetings are provided to you so that you can share your love with your family members and loved ones in the most pious manner. These photos are aesthetic, filled with beauty and colours of this festival. They portray your blessings and love you want to convey to other person. They have quotes about the significance and cultural tradition of bathukamma which are like icing to the cake. This year, do not feel bad if you are not in Telangana or if your loved ones are not with you to celebrate this festival. You can still shower your love and blessings to the theme with the help of these images which are filled with exotic quotes and colours portraying your love.

Nothing is more pleasing than sending your love and blessings in the form of an audio. The sense of smoothness it gives to our ears and senses is irreplaceable. This is the most unique form of greetings you can send to your loved ones this bathukamma 2017. Songs are the ultimate expression of one’s love and there is no other medium than songs to send your greetings to your loved ones.

Quotes about bathukamma, its blessing’s, teachings and words are also provided to you so that you can send them to your loved ones and family this year. Make this festival more special to them by sending them your regards blended with beauty of words. Make it more memorable this year for your family and loved ones.

Wishes are very inspiring especially if you have sent them with great love to your near ones. Perfect blend of words with your emotions make it even more special. When you send greeting to your loved ones, they not only appreciate it but also realize that they mean something to you despite the distance between you and them.

Happy Bathukamma Images 2017:-



This era of technology has provided us with opportunities to blend our cultures together despite being different. You ought to spread love in every passion for the sake of our culture. Let distance not be an impediment to your soul this year. Spread love, blessings greetings and wishes through WhatsAppFacebook and others and bring smile in other faces.

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Top Bathukamma Songs 2017| Bangaru Bathukamma in Telangana

Bathukamma festival songs:- have many myths behind its execution. According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, one myth regarding Bathukamma and Durgashtami Gauri is that she after a fierce fight killed ‘Mahishasura’ the demon. After this serious act, she went into a deep sleep due to fatigue on the ‘Aswayuja Padyami’ day.


Bathukamma Panduga, The Festival of Flowers | Bathukamma Images, Pictures

Happy Bathukamma Images: (in Telugu Language Paduga means festival) is flower –patterned festival celebrated by the Hindu women of Telangana. ‘Bathukamma festival begins on ‘Badhrapada Amavasya’ and ends on ‘Durgashtami.’ This ‘Floral Festival’ is celebrated people of Telangana State and across the world. It is followed by Boddemma, which is a 7-day festival. Boddemma festival that marks the finishing of Varsha Ruthu whereas Bathukamma festival indicates the beginning of Sarad or Sharath Ruthu.
Bathukamma is a beautiful flower stack, arranged with different unique seasonal flowers, are ‘Tangedi’, ‘Gunuka’, ‘Lotus’, ‘Alli’, ‘Katla’ and ‘Teku’ most of them with medicinal values, in seven concentric layers in the shape of temple gopuram. In Telugu, ‘Bathukamma' means ‘Mother Goddess come Alive’ and Goddess Maha Gauri-‘Life Giver’ is worshiped in the form of Bathukamma.

On this special occasion, women dress up in the traditional sari combining it with jewels and other accessories. Teenage Girls wear Langa-Oni/Half-Sarees/Lehenga Choli combining it with jewels in order to bring out the traditional grace of the dress. Dressed in their colourful, traditional best, women form a circle around the ‘Bathukamma’ singing the songs and dance for long. The songs usually bear the wonderful stories related to the women, the social conditions, the economic conditions in the region, etc. The women of the region know the songs by heart and are seen to sing simultaneously and without beforehand practice. Finally they take it to the nearest water body and immersing it.

Bathukamma festival has many myths behind its execution. According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, one myth regarding Goddess Gauri is that she after a fierce fight killed ‘Mahishasura’ the demon. After this serious act, she went into a deep sleep due to fatigue on the ‘Aswayuja Padyami’ day. All the Hindu religious devotees strongly prayed with devotion and dedication for her to wake up. It is to be noted that she woke up on the Dasami day.

The other version of Bathukamma is that there was a king named Dharmangada and a queen named Satyavati belonging to Chola Dynasty. They lost their hundred sons in the war front. So they prayed and performed a ritual to Goddesses Lakshmi to be born as their daughter. The Goddesses heard it and immediately obliged them. On her birth, many scholar and pundits visited the baby at the royal palace and blessed her by calling Bathukamma or live forever.

Another version says that Parvathi or Batakamma is an adherent lover of flowers. The seasonal flowers of spring are arranged on a square bamboo frame or square wooden plank with the size of frames that is hardly tapering off to directly form a pinnacle on the top. It looks like the shape of a temple tower or ‘Gopura’. On top of the flowers, a lump of turmeric is kept. The worship of Goddess Batakamma is done with this little floral is the mountain.

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Happy Dussehra 2017 Whatsapp DP Greetings Images

Happy Dussehra Wishes 2017: To celebrate the righteousness over evil, to celebrate the triumph of morality again evildoers we enshrine the teachings and convert it into a festival named Dussehra. When Lord Ram killed Ravana and get Mother Sita back to her own home as a moment of triumph for the whole world and we, Hindus celebrate it as Dussehra. Navaratri is a nine-day festival for Goddesses. We celebrate it in a very grand avatar and end it with even greater celebrations.

The evil wasn’t finished with a blow from Lord Ram. It needed perseverance, dignity, and patience along with a righteous path to winning it. Same as today, we need all this to win against the evils of our society. This happy Dussehra festival, wish your friends and relatives a delightful and joyous occasion with these happy Dussehra images HD. These images will help you deliver your love, emotions, and blessings to your loved ones when they are not physically present. It will remind them of the love you bear for them.

When you are far away from your loved ones, do not let the distance create a gap among you. Navaratri is a nine-day festival we celebrate by worshipping our goddesses. The end of it marks Dussehra. Remember them on the auspicious occasion of this year; send them greetings along with your love in the form of happy Navaratri Hd images. These HD images will help you impart your blessings and love by accentuating your true feelings in a visual form. This Navaratri, send quotes, messages, and images to your loved ones who are far away from you physically but reside in your heart forever.

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Happy Navratri Images for Whatsapp Status 2017

Happy Navratri 2017: I am sharing with Navaratri Messages for whatsapp status are a new way to deliver love and greetings, images in a flick of a second. You do not have to wait for them to send you first. You can send these greetings and blessings through whatsapp without any delay. Let this festival be the festival of love for everyone around you. 

For the love you bear for your gods, family and friends send them pure happy navaratri wishes this year with embellished feelings. Let no distance come in between you and your loved one this year.

Navaratri and Dussehra are a time of year when the whole of our country gathers together to celebrate the miracles of our goddesses, take their blessings and in the end celebrate the victory of righteousness over evil Ravana who took our Goddess with him with a bad intention. This year wash away all the evils from your society and let it blossom like a pure flower with rich heritage. Shower each other with blessings and greetings this year on Navaratri and Dussehra.

These quotes and images are the purest form of love and blessings you can shower upon your loved ones when you are away. They bring out the true meaning of your words with the help of visual aid and pictures. These images will accentuate your inner emotions in a much more beautifully than words.

Happy Navratri Greetings for Whatsapp Status 2017:






{*HD*} Happy Dussehra Images, Wallpapers 2017 | VijayaDashami Images

Happy Dussehra 2017: - Today I am sharing to Happy Dussehra Images 2017, Hd Wallpapers, Pictures, Photos, Dasara Wishes and Happy Dasara Greetings Images. Happy Dasara in 2017 all are a festival celebration of this year. 

This happy dussehra 2017 festival, wish your friends and relatives a delightful and joyous occasion with these happy dussehra images HD. These images will help you deliver your love, emotions and blessings to your loved ones when they are not physically present. It will remind them of the love you bear for them.

Wishes Happy Dussehra Greetings Images, Happy Dussehra Wishes, Happy Dussehra Messages, Happy Dussehra Quotes, Happy Dussehra Sms, Dussehra Greetings, Happy Dussehra Hd Wallpapers, Dussehra Ravan Burning, Happy Dasara Hd.
Happy Dasara Wallpapers, Free Download Dussehra Images, Happy Dussehra Wishes, Dasara Images Wallpapers, Happy Ganga Dussehra Images, Dussehra Images Greetings Images of Dussehra Festival.

Happy Dussehra Wallpapers 2017

Happy Dussehra Wallpapers 2017






Happy Dussehra Greetings Images 2017:









Happy Dussehra Images, Greetings Wishes, SMS, Whatsapp Status, 2017

Happy Dussehra Whatsapp Status, Greetings 2017:- The festival of win of righteousness over evil is signified by Dussehra. We celebrate this festival with joy before Diwali when our Lord killed Ravana and freed his wife. This is an auspicious occasion for all Indians. Sweets are distributed, greetings exchanged and most of all a Ravan structure is burned with firecrackers to signify the importance and tradition which this festival carries with it.

We all know how Indians exchange love among themselves when festival arrives. But what about those loved family members, friends and other people who are far away from you? There is a solution for them too.

Happy Dussehra Images 2017

This year, wish your loved ones who are far away in some other country, state or city with some exotic happy Dussehra images through WhatsApp, text or any other social networking medium. Do not let distance come between you. Spread love and blessings this festive season with these beautiful images with quotes about righteousness which will instil a feeling of ardour and zeal among your loved ones. These happy Dussehra images are full of colours, quotes and patterns to make their life beautiful. Send them this love through proper medium to let them know that you still care for them and miss them in the most auspicious occasions.

Greetings Wishes and WhatsApp Status

Do you have a habit of losing contacts? There is now worry for it. We understand you want to send your regards to everyone near you whom you dearly love. You don’t have to send personal texts, sometimes a warm status will help you get through it. Filled with beautiful and meaningful quotes, these WhatsApp statuses will shower your love and blessings to everyone who will view it. Wonderful deep lines, with extraordinary quotes and greeting wishes will make them lovely time they spent with you. It will make them miss you and most important of all, it will make them realise that you are important to them and vice versa.


Do not forget your loved ones. Indians are known for their loveable families who are together despite their differences. Maybe you are not together due to other factors, but never let the spirit of unity die among yourselves. With the help of these greetings you will shower your blessings, instil love and show your family members that you care for them, wish them to be with you at every sphere of life.

These greetings wishes will unite once again your love with your loved ones. Social media networking has its own merits and this is the best among them. It lets you stay connected to your loved ones even if they are a thousand miles apart.

This Dussehra, remember Lord Ram, be careful of arrogance of Ravana and imbibe the righteousness which our Lord taught us and Ravana. Never be arrogant toward anyone, this is what we are taught in this festival and this is what we should implement by showering all our love and blessings to those who are close to our heart.

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